DO Empordà

Empordàlia is an association of small producers from the Empordàwho have been working the Empordà land for generations.

Their commitment is quite simply to combine tradition and quality in every bottle.

Empordàlia is made up of three cooperatives in the Empordà region – those of Pau, Roses and Vilajuïga.

The story began in 1947 with the founding of the cooperative in Vilajuïga. The cooperative of Pau was created later, in 1961, and merged with that of Roses.

The three cooperatives were created with the same purpose in mind: to work together and produce a quality product that reflects the character of our region.

In 2015, they decided to join together and create what is now known as Empordàlia,

Empordàlia is located in a tiny region at the north-eastern tip of Catalonia, sheltered to the north by the Pyrenees.