Caves Tutusaus
DO Cava

The estate comprises the country house and the cellar, several hectares of olive grooves, which are now productive again after years of abandonment, and 11 hectares of ecological vineyards. What is left, out of the 76 hectares belonging to Can Tutusaus, is covered by a forest of pine and oak trees, dwarf shrubs, brooms, fennel, rosemary, thyme, lavender, dwarf palms and many other Mediterranean plants. In spring, the whole estate looks like a garden, which is why we also produce honey at our estate. The landscape is typically Mediterranean.

The estate is terraced and also full of dry stone huts made long ago, which we wish to preserve as part of the area’s architectonic heritage. We have therefore worked hard to produce a wine that reflects the landscape, the Mediterranean spirit and the personality of the land where the vines are cultivated, under the influence of the Massif of Garraf situated South-West of our estate and the mountain range of Ordal which borders it in the North .