Celler Clos 93
DOQ Priorat

The Clos 93 winery was founded by three friends who are all also related to one another in some way. These friends and family members wanted to share their love for wine and they began crafting wines from Grenache Noir, Carignan, and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Their vintage, L’Interrogant, is an oak barrels red wine from the Priorat DOCa that presents a question mark on its label. This question mark was chosen as it is a universal symbol that will transcend cultures, and it also brings curiosity towards the mystery that is this product itself.

This vinification venture officially started in 2008 when Rubén Sabaté, a studying enologist, began crafting wines for local consumption in Priorat. These wines were from grapevines in the municipality of El Lloar, inside of the Priorat DOCa. Rubén Sabaté always had the goal of expanding into national and international markets and in 2011 he was successful in doing this with the L’Interrogant coupage