Celler Balaguer i Cabré
DOQ Priorat

Balaguer i Cabré belongs to the DOQ Priorat and it is located in the village of Gratallops.

The area is of volcanic origin which gives a very interesting characteristics to the soil.

Geologically, Priorat is a very abrupt area characterized by a soil where a kind of slate called llicorella which comprises black slate and quarts soil.

This typical terroir of Priorat, composed of crumbled slate fragments  allow the vines to grow deep roots to make the most of the soil’s nutrients and become more resistant to high temperatures.

Priorat produces expressive, fresh and less oaky than many traditional spanish reds.

DOQ Priorat (DOCa Priorato)  is one of the only two regions of Spain to qualify as DOCa, the highest qualification level for a wine region according to Spanish wine regulations, alongside with Rioja DOCa.

The traditional and main red grape grown in Priorat is Grenache found in all the vineyards also allowed red grapes are, Carignan, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah.

Balaguer & Cabré wines are produced in the oldest part of Gratallops in a refurbished ancient building especially equipped for that purpose, apart from the elaboration plant it has an ageing cellar and a tasting room with great views to the vineyards and surrounding area.