The Porrón


The porrón has a sort of ballon shape with a open fluted throat which allows the server to fill it with either wine, bubbles, sangria, beer …. and once filled can be closed with a cork lid.

It has too spout in one side, upward at 45º angle and with quite narrow tip from which guests drink.


This design eliminates the need for glasses. The fluted neck makes it easy to grip and pass around a table. You get a narrow stream of wine, bubbles … when you tilted the spout side toward the mouth.

There is no need to touch with your lips the spout what makes it totally safe for use by everybody round the table.

The porrón wine pitcher is a festive and enjoyable way to serve wine, Cava, sangria, beer.  Just pick up the porrón and tilt it so that a thin stream of wine pours directly into your mouth. Voilà !!!

It takes some skill, but it is fun at a party to see how well you and your friends master the technique.
You have different sizes and the most common one is 1/2 l.

Porrones are famous throughout Spain and they were originally made from ceramic, but now are fashioned from hand-blown recycled glass.

Challenge …. For experts only: as you pour the Porrón try saying Jerónimooooo

Be bold and through a party with your family, friends … use the porrón and share your pics with us.