Sumoll almost and extinct black variety, native from Catalonia, Spain. The grape was once widely grown throughout Catalonia but vines were pulled up in favor of less-temperamental varieties. Today no more than 100 ha of Sumoll remain, but some winemakers are starting to work and promote the variety and its vinification as it is seen as an opportunity to produce original wines that makes a differentiation from what it can be found in the market.


Sumoll is used in the production of red and rosé wines but, due to its small-scale production, it is found predominantly in blends. However you can still find some varietal examples in the market. Wines made from the variety have a distinctive cherry and raspberries flavours, black fruits such as blackberries and a pronounced mineral characteristic. They have good acidity and a bitter finish that fades slowly.
The variety gives large, almost black colour skin grapes, with low yields and is quite difficult to work with. Sumoll is a rustic  and  particularly drought-resistant variety. Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization  experimented with crossing it with Cabernet Sauvignon, they have four hybrids derived from this crossing: Rubienne, Cienna, Tyrian and Vermillion.

Vines of Sumoll


Sumoll wines from our portfolio

L’Infiltrat Sumoll
A Pinot Noir-like transparent garnet, on the nose very aromatic, fruity ripe cherries, raspberries and hints of vanilla and peppers. Fresh on the palate with soft, round tannins and balanced acidity.
A jewel to be discovered.

L’Infiltrat Sumoll

L’Infiltrat Ancestral
A unique coupage Xarel•lo, Macabeu and Sumoll.
Ancestral Method – Sparkling Rosé Wine produced by spontaneous fermentation.
The Ancestral Method is likely that this was the first method developed for making effervescent sparkling wine.
Making the base wine:

  • Transforming the base wine (still wine with RS ‘residual sugar’) into an effervescent / sparkling wine.
  • The secondary fermentation (prise de mousse) occurs in bottles without addition of sugar (no tirage liqueur or expedition liqueur).

L’Infiltrat Ancestral