Did you know the optimum serving temperature for CAVA is between 6º and 10º C

Tasting Cava at the right temperature is one of the keys to full enjoyment. Cava must be served between 6ºC – 10ºC, the young, light cavas being served the coldest.

  • For young Cavas                    6º 
  • Reserva                                     6 – 8º
  • Gran Reserva                          8 – 10º
  • Cava de paraje Calificado    8 – 10º

Cava Should be cooled for several hours in the refrigerator or 30 minutes in a recipient with water and ice.

The freezer should be avoided as a sudden change in temperature can impair the properties of such a carefully produced product.


 Let’s enjoy a Glass of CAVA !!!