Oesterput – Seafood Galore … Shellfish Heaven !!!



Open Terrace of Restaurant Oesterput


Where:  Oude Wenduinse Steenweg, 16 –  8370 Blankenberge
Tel: +32 (0) 5041 10 35
Price: €€€
Web:  www.oesterput.com
You get the feeling that you are into something special, different as you drive along a non-touristic road near the port which by no means a tourist may find unless they know it beforehand. So, yes, you got it right, it is a “word to mouth” place.


I went there for the first time  (but not the last) with my dear partner who has been a customer since they open it in late 80’s.
A unique and special setting. My first impression was like entering a cozy, friendly fish market.
A wooden fishing boat greets you as you enter the restaurant, full of champagne coolers, menu’s and the last book from Mr Piet Devriendt (the owner) and some other stuff, just behind it you can see the bar.
You are received by the friendly staff of the place who have always a smile in their face and who led you to your table. Service is very friendly and diligent.

Last time we were sharing dine in a long central table with other guests in a very friendly and bustling atmosphere, always a great experience.
And as per furniture, really nothing fancy about tables and chairs on the contrary quite an old style stuff but thats part of the charm of the place.



Long central tables to be shared with other guests

Going further into the restaurant, you have on the left hand side large open fish tanks full of lobster where you can choose. Voilà !!! This one is for me.


Just opposite we can see a huge open kitchen offering you the best spectacle ever. I love seeing the work going on in it and also an open kitchen for me it is a sign of  “nothing to hide here”.


Just a detail of the open kitchen



Top quality seafood / shellfish food — lobsters, crab, king crab, oysters, clams, shrimps, mussels … you name it.  For seafood/shellfish food  lovers this is just a great feast.

The Royal Platter of different types of shellfish is a topper, and so is the “Platter Fruits de Mer”
The “4 Kings of the Sea” not to be missed and be ready to wear a bib and lick your fingers as we say in Catalonia when a dish is so delicious.


Oh dear !!! I felt like like in heaven, because if heaven exists definitely that is the place.
As a food lover and very fond of cooking and mussels I could not resist myself, and before leaving the restaurant I bought the book Mosselen from Mr. Piet Devriendt, who by chance was there and very kindly singed the book for me.

Smakelijk !!!