Cava Masterclass with Demos Bertran

It is Sunday 9.30 and I have an appointment with Demos Bertran for a Cava Masterclass. I arrived about 30 minutes earlier and found him preparing everything for the taste. It’s going to be a great day, 11 Cavas, sounds great, Doesn’t it ? There is only one thing better than a glass of cava. A bottle (even better 11 bottles)
  1. Llopart Rosé Brut Teserva 2015
  2. Aire de L’Origan Rosé Brut Nature 2014
  3. Berdié Amar Brut Nature Reserva 2015
  4. Maria Rigol Ordi Mil•leni Brut Nature Reserva 2014
  5. Maria Rigol Ordi Pell Bruna Brut Nature Reserva 2015 – Microtiratge 3
  6. Berdié Gran Nature Brut Nature Gran Reserva 2012
  7. Berdié Gran Rupestre Extra Brut Gran Reserva 2011
  8. Llopart Leopardi Brut Nature Gran Reserva 2011
  9. Recaredo Terres Brut Nature Gran Reserva 2011
  10. Mestres Visol Brut Nature Gran Reserva 2010
  11. L’O de L’Origan Rosé Reserva Brut Nature
Other participants are arriving and to my surprise they are all bringing some little things to pair with the Cava (assortment of cheeses, ham, fuet, anchovies, sausages …) Great masterclass ahead and we could perfectly said Breakfast with CAVA. I didn’t know Demos and I have to say that I was real impress, first of all by his kindness, and of course he has a great knowledge about CAVA and the ability to transmit that knowledge in a simple and fun way.

“Colours to suit every taste”