Our Wine Stories

Wine … the intellectual part of the meal.

Alexandre Dumas


Xarel·lo Grape

Xarel·lo Grape Xarel·lo, the iconic indigenous variety of the Penedès, is a light-skinned grape from Catalonia and one of the most widely planted. The clusters are medium-sized and not too compact. Xarel·lo grapes adapt well to most soil types up to an...

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One of the most enjoyables Catalonia food fest. Calçotades   What is a Calçot? It looks like a leek and tastes like a mild onion.It actually is a green onion but milder and less bulbous than the normal one. Traditionally grown in certain areas of Tarragona,...

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The Porrón

The Porrón   The porrón has a sort of ballon shape with a open fluted throat which allows the server to fill it with either wine, bubbles, sangria, beer .... and once filled can be closed with a cork lid. It has too spout in one side, upward at 45º angle and with...

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Cata Magistral of CAVAs

Cava Masterclass with Demos Bertran It is Sunday 9.30 and I have an appointment with Demos Bertran for a Cava Masterclass. I arrived about 30 minutes earlier and found him preparing everything for the taste. It's going to be a great day, 11 Cavas, sounds...

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