If you are looking for Bubbles to enjoy in a nice lunch/dinner or just a drink with friends give a CAVA a chance.

You will be very surprise to learn how close Cava is to champagne in terms of taste.

What is CAVA ? It is a Spanish sparkling wine made like Champagne (Traditional method) but using different grapes.

The common and main grapes used for producing Cava are:

  • Macabeu
  • Parellada
  • Xarel·lo

But also Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Grenache, Monastrell and Sumoll can be used.

Macabeu has a light floral aromatic and a bit of lemony touch, the Xarel·lo grape on the other hand is much more aromatic with lemon like acidity and stonefruit flavors like pears and also some melon notes and the last grape Parellada is blended with the other two thanks to its high acidity and zesty citrus flavors.

Thanks to the blend of this three grapes we get an elegant and well balanced fruity sparkling wine called CAVA.





Styles of CAVA


  • Semi-Seco:             12 – 17 g/l RS (residual sugar)
  • Brut:                          0 – 12 g/l RS
  • Extra-Brut:               0 –  6 g/l RS
  • Brut Nature:            0 –  3 g/l RS




And lets not forget about the CAVA Rosé … to have a Cava Rosé it is very common to add other grapes such as Grenache which it is mixed for its strawberry and raspberry aromas and also Monastrell which adds color and a soft touch of red fruits flavors.


Pinot Noir which is used for Champagne is also sometimes used although it’s not a traditional grape.


We can also find many some CAVA Rosé produced entirely from Sumoll or Trepat, two native grapes from Catalonia which are becoming trendy grapes.


A lot of producers are aging their wines and we can nowadays find Cava aged on lees that have and incredible body with baked notes of apples, pears and almonds.