La Batalla del Vino (Battle of Wine / Haro – La Rioja)

Do you like wine ? Are you a wine lover ? Do you enjoy party and wine ?
Last year over 9.000 people and more than 150.000 litres of wine … No doubt this is a festivity you can’t miss.
Every year on the 29th of June war is declared in Haro, a small wine producing town in one of the most important regions of Spain (in terms of wine) La Rioja. 

The festivity dates back to the 13th century and in 1965 it was declared a festival of touristic and national interest.
Locals and tourist are celebrating San Pedro and it is a week  of drinking and music and world known for its Battle of Wine.
A huge party that involves wine drinking competitions and a Batalla de Vino (Wine Fight) where wines are poured at each other from buckets, sprayers, wineskins or anything that can be used to through, spray or launch wine all over the crowd.

You are requested to wear a white shirt and a red scarf and the fest starts very early in the morning  around seven / eight and by midday after hours of hilarious wine battling the crowd heads to Plaza de la Paz where they continue celebrating with food and drinks. Later in the evening some other activities take place. For instance at the town’s bull ring where a “vaquilla” (small bulls -female heifer- which are less dangerous) chase people around (those animals are not killed).
Be prepared to start and finish the day with wine.

This is about wine for breakfast, wine for lunch, wine, wine, wine…